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The visit of Pope John Paul II to Cardiff in June 1982.
The Pope celebrated Mass and First Holy Communion at Pontcanna Fields. Thousands turned out to meet him in sweltering sunshine.
I covered the event from a press pen a short distance from the Altar. I struggled with close ups as my longest lens at the time was 150mm with doubler I had borrowed from a friend. It was like looking through the bottom of a milk bottle as you can see from the soft images of the Holy Father which required some huge pull up under the enlarger.
However there were other pictures to be had of the adoring crowd and of Holy Communion being given.
The day started early with a 7am rendezvous with other members of the press in a field at Radyr just outside the city followed by a coach ride into Pontcanna. Once there we couldn't move and our films were collected by messenger and biked back to the South Wales Argus office in Newport for that days paper.
Certainly a day to remember.
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