Treasured Family Photo Restoration
WEDDING-SCANXxWEDDING-SCANXx We all have collections of treasured old family photos stored away in draws or boxes in the attic. Pictures of close family members, friends or ancestors never met but none the less cherished, or maybe some pictures of a much younger you with school friends.

Time can take it’s toll on these precious heirlooms and these old pictures can fade away before you know it. We can stop the ageing process by scanning your images, retouching, colour correcting and repairing damaged or torn photographs and supplying a pristine digital copy.

We’re also able to provide prints of your heirlooms, which can be framed for display should you require. If you have a collection of images that require restoring why not display them in a book or album.

Prices start at just £15 per image so to get the sparkle back in you pictures just send your damaged print to us Photorestore - Cardiff, 10 Eugene Close, Cardiff, CF3 0LZ along with your £15 payment (plus £3.50 P&P for returning your print), a cheque made out to our parent business “Mediaphotos” or use the Paypal link: . Please ensure you include your return address together with an email address and telephone number so we can send your digital copy or contact you should we need to discuss your order. If the work is more than our basic scan / retouch service we will let you know before we start work so you can decide whether to proceed. Alternatively just call us on 02920 361126 and we can discuss your requirements and take your card payment over the phone.

When the restoration is complete we will return your original print and either email you a digital copy of the restored image or supply the digital image through our website where you can download your copy and should you require purchase prints at your leisure. You’ll never be pressurised into buying prints but it is a service we offer should you wish.